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New Track - (To Hell With) Love & Virtue  

I have today released a new pre-release demo of a new track from the upcoming Reflections of Your Face album. (To Hell With) Love & Virtue is a mid-tempo celebration of bad warmongership/anti-ballad, you choose! I have updated the Reflections Sessions EP to include this track, which is available as a free download for a limited period.

New Album Start Again - OUT NOW! 

Allan Dawson's new album Start Again is out now in all digital music stores.

You can listen to the full album for free right here, and you can also buy individual tracks or the whole album (in any format). Buying from direct from this website also gets you some cool additional bonus material not available elsewhere:
  • inlay card sleeve notes
  • lyric book
  • official video to the title track start again


New Video and Remix - Start Again 

Please check out the official video to the song Start Again:


Interesting facts about this song: The song is about that point where either we realise we have been doing something wrong and we realise it needs to change; or maybe we look around us and see the mistakes everyone else is making and we get a sudden moment of clarity where it all begins to make sense. The video takes that to a bigger level. As a species we are all going through this same process at the moment - we are becoming acutely aware that we need to look after our home, or else we will only have one chance to blow it.

New Allan Dawson Single AND Video - Flying High 

It gives me great pleasure to announce my latest single flying high is out on general digital release, in all the usual places - iTunes, GooglePlay, AmazonMP3, Spotify, etc, etc, whichever is your preferred flavour.

Some of you will remember the song appearing in different taster versions and mixes recently, but I finally put the final touches on it in the studio AND made a video for it too, which you can see below:


The single package contains three tracks - the single mix which you can hear in the video above, the first acoustic demo recording from when the song was just freshly written, and an original demo version of the song "Last Bitter Tear".

Flying High is available for download from all major stores, here are a selection of links:

Unscheduled live appearance in Kazan, Russia 

Okay so the funniest thing happened last week. I'm on holiday at the moment exploring Russia so not really thinking much about music  On Monday we arrived in our second city Kazan, so on Tuesday we went out for a wander without any real expectations of what the city would be like.

I found the city to be a surprisingly exciting place and would thoroughly recommend it to any global travellers looking for a character city that's a bit different from the usual list. The city has recently been spruced up for Universityaid 2013, which is a major sporting event almost as grand as the Olympics, so there's a sense of overhaul reminiscent of Liverpool's recent City of Culture revamp, or Manchester's tweakings for the Commonwealth Games a decade earlier.

Anyway I'm not a travel agent so back to the story... in our wanderings we came across a curious establishment just a block away from the central Metro station at Turkay Square, called the Museum of Soviet Lifestyle. On closer inspection it turns out this place has a dual identity and is also known as the Soviet museum of Rock n' Roll, which has been passionately compiled by owner Rustem to include just about any kind of rock music memorabilia from past visiting rockstars. On display are everything from guitars signed by Rainbow or Garbage to Sting's pants. Its a cool insight into just how connected Russia's youth were to the international Rock music scene during the Soviet years and in the couple of decades since the reforms. 

Despite a bit of a language barrier, and with the help of my lovely translator, I made the effort to introduce myself to Rustem and discussed his impressive collection. This struck a chord with the guy and unexpectedly a few minutes later I was invited to play an impromptu live appearance to the small audience gathered at the museum. There was only an amp available for the guitar, so I had to make up for it with some loud singing! Rustem caught the whole thing for posterity on youtube! In fact he only announced he was filming a few seconds before hitting record, so I played the first thing that jumped into my head, which was Angel. Here it is, hope you like it:

Special thanks to Rustem and his staff for such a fun afternoon! I'm in St Petersburg now and hoping to maybe catch Black Rebel Motorcycle Club live on Wendesday night!